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Each pre-recorded session is led by an expert in the conscious leadership space.
How to Build a Socially Conscious Organization: with Christopher Waters, MPA
During this session:

You will learn how to empower your team to create a culture of community leadership and accountability. 

You will learn how to co-create with your team so they own the work they do. 

Your team will learn responsibility as a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction rather than a means to an end.
Coming soon!
The Space Between Goal Setting & Goal Getting: with TaJuanna M. Taylor

Discover how to: 
Uncover the CEO goals that will promote your future self & others.

Apply 4 proven steps for taking quick action on your new, profitable idea to launch.

Connect with why building relationships that structure your business for sustainability & impact gets you there faster.
Coming Soon!
The Power of Effective Conversations: with Gabriela Herrero

In this 60-minute conversation between Gabriela Herrero and Mariette Agelery, you'll: 

Learn how to build TRUST and co-create in a conversation. 

Discover the #1 blindspot of making assumptions (and how to avoid it).

Learn the importance of listening to understand.
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