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Corporate Conscious Leadership Blueprint
Find out about our Corporate Consciousness Ripple Formula and start creating ripples today that will make tomorrow better for you, your kids, and their kids. 
Book your call to find out if the Corporate Conscious Leadership Blueprint is a good fit to help you start creating ripples today that will make tomorrow better for you, your kids, and their kids. 
"The best way to create a wave of change is by creating ripples."
- Karen Huller
Training Library
[Information Session Replay] Corporate Consciousness Ripple Blueprint
5 Myths of Leading Conscious Change
The Courageous Leadership 5-Day Challenge For Conscious Leaders
Day One: How to Be A Courageous Leader Today and Tomorrow
Day Two: How To Identify Leadership Gaps
Day Three: How To Confront Your Leadership Gaps
Day Four: How To Inspire Others & Influence Without Intimidating
Day Five: How To Redefine Yourself As A Courageous Conscious Leader
Guest Appearance on Power Lunch with Frederick Bussey
Topic: The Power of Diversity
Guest Appearance on the All Things Hiring Podcast with Kelly Robinson
Topic: Corporate Consciousness
What Others Are Saying...
“I am so thankful for the role that you played during one of my biggest transitional periods of my life. You helped me find my footing and your constant nudging and encouragement helped to give me strength during a time that was very fragile for me.”
- Wendy
"I love the fact that you continue to push me out of my comfort zone. There are so many neat things going on for me right now. I am excited and grateful for your push(es). It has been a wonderful and perfect start to a fantastic journey that is just beginning. You are truly excellent in what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
- Rorie
“Since our conversation on Monday and releasing a ton of old repressed feelings I woke up Tuesday pain free and have been since! I’m a firm believer in the mind body connection and it is amazing to see what depressing emotion does to me!”
- Victoria
“I am excited to finally arrive at this stage with you. You have been very helpful and positive in your approach toward finding something that I want to get out of bed for- early- for every day!”
- Bill
“Our conversation really anchored my thinking and helped me present what I'm doing in a solid light to friends. Since we spoke, a couple of significant things have developed. Thank you again for all your great thoughts, inspirations, contact names, and support!”
- Melissa
“I believe in love and the human race caring for one another by thinking of each other and wanting everyone to succeed and be happy. You exude that, Karen, in your services. Thank you.”
- Corina
"I can't ever thank you enough for the epiphany we struck! I love my job. Perfect fit with life goals. I am extremely lucky...‪#‎lovemyjob.‬”
- Kirsten
“You are so proficient at your job. Thank you for your candidness, professionalism and caring spirit.”
- Ernestine
"To this day, I appreciate all that you did to help get me on the right foot/path. All my best to you and your family.”
- Matt
“The introspection I gained through your program helped me a great deal. And for the record, all three opportunities were via personal recommendations and networking so you were spot on that the majority of opportunities would come from within my network.”
- Christine
“I didn't get a chance to properly thank you for your efforts on my behalf over the past few months. It has a been a pleasure getting to know you and the work you delivered has most definitely been a 10 out of 10!! You helped position me in ways I would not have thought about myself, despite being a skilled marketing professional for the past 20+ years."
- Colleen
“Thank you for your kind and opportune reply. Your accuracy has impressed me by clearly evaluating my situation and guiding me in the right direction in order to take action. You are really gifted and your expertise in your field is WOW!"
- Yolanda
“I feel so much better. I feel like I just lost 20 lbs.”
- Tony
“Perhaps the most important result of our work together for me was recognizing the value of the skills and experience that I have to offer to prospective employers.”
- Edward
“I finally have an IT job where the CIO has me deputized and I'm kicking butt.”
- Carlos

“You were my professor 4 years ago at Drexel for my B201 class. Before then, I was not a great presenter and actually hated presenting. But from your class, I learned how to do better and be a better storyteller. I just got done presenting my first project for my Doctorate of Business Administration program. I got such great feedback on my presentation skills from my professor. She was raving about how well I told the story and conveyed my message. I owe your class a lot of the credit for how my presentation skills have progressed over the years. I just wanted to express my gratitude and to let you know how the learnings from your class have stuck with me over the years. ”
- Mary

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